What's New (4.23.00)
If you need help to find script or screenplay please feel free
to email me on findmoviescriptshelp@email.com I am trying
to get all my scripts online at the moment, so it shouldn't
be too much longer.
What's New (4.23.00)
What's New (3.2.00)
Scripts Galore now has it's very own web-based email server.
The email addresses are yourname@scripts-galore.zzn.com
If you would like to get a Scripts Galore email address head to
http://scripts-galore.zzn.com - Scripts Galore should open soon.
I just need to settle on a design and add the scripts. Scripts Galore
will focus primarily on movie scripts, more info on that soon...
What's New (3.2.00)
Scripts Galore was set for an opening approx. 28th September.
On the 23rd of September my computer's connection to the internet 
was disabled. It didn't come up again until yesterday (15th Oct).  
When I was going through my directory I realised that all of my 
televison scripts & screenplays and info had been deleted from my
computer. Scripts Galore will now take even longer to complete.
Therefore Scripts Galore is closed until furthur notice. For future
updates join the Scripts Galore mailing list.
Please: Email Addresses Only
Get a Free E-mail Address Get ZZN
Email: scriptsgalore@email.com
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